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Image by Ronald Cuyan

Our Story

The Lime Tree Group is founded by Justin & Ariela Bakken at the end of 2022. Ariela was born in Guatemala, along with her two younger siblings. Together the siblings lived in an orphanage for 5 years. All three siblings were adopted by a family from Minnesota, USA. 

The first out of the country trip Justin and Ariela took together was for their honeymoon in 2013. They traveled around Guatemala for 3 months. Quickly fell in love with the country and with volunteering their time to help children living on the streets of Guatemala. Over the next few years, they took several self funded trips to Guatemala and realized they were not making the impact they wanted to make in order to transform the lives of children. To create the kind of impact they wanted to make, they would need a group of people brave enough to believe they could change the lives of thousands of children. 

Today, Justin & Ariela have been married for 10 years. They also run a residential remodeling company, in Minnesota, USA. They started the Lime Tree Group to blend the skills of creating beautiful spaces and the passion to impact the lives of children living in high risk areas of Guatemala and Minnesota. Together, with a group of people they plan to renovate orphanages in Guatemala and community spaces in Minnesota where children can have an opportunity to have a safe and beautiful place to call home, a place to learn and a place to dream. 

Rusty Window Frame
Rusty Window Frame

Our Mission 

To Impact the lives of children living in high risk areas by transformation the spaces where they live, play and study. To create beautiful safe spaces where children can live peacefully. To create beautiful spaces where children can play, explore and dream. To create beautiful spaces where children can study and learn. To empower children and youth at risk through education and scholarships to help them meet their goals.  

Paint Brush

To remodel every privately owned and operated orphanage in Guatemala.


To empower 100,000.00 orphans through education and scholarships.

Image by Ronald Cuyan


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