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First Orphanage

April 2023

From living in an orphanage to remodeling orphanages. 

After 5 years of leaving in a Guatemalan orphanage, my younger self may not have believed we would go back and impact the life of hundreds of children. Now, along with an incredible husband (Justin), we remodel gorgeous homes in MN and embarking on this dream of  remodeling orphanages in Guatemala

Image by Cody McLain

MARCH 2024

Orphanage Remodel in Guatemala 


Our team is so excited to be part of transforming this next children's home. Due to security and safety reasons, we will not be sharing location or the name of this children's home. Per our policy, we will not be sharing photos of the children either.

These girls have been rescued from some terrible experiences and we will help transform their home into a safe and beautiful  place for them to call home.  We will be glad to share some before and afters of the transformed spaces! 

This next remodel project is home to 18 girls. We are so excited to have them involved in the finishing touches of their spaces, including bedrooms and livingroom. We look forward to helping outdoors with their chicken coop and vegetable gardens as well. 

Give to individual projects

Here are three areas where you could donate to help us bring this project to life. 

Girls Bedrooms & Living Room

Fresh coat of paint, new bedding, curtains. 

New furniture. 

Building two rooms & adding windows 

Playroom for the younger girls. Adding a wall, door and window. Climbing and tumbling toys and mats. 

Chicken Coop & Garden 

Enlarge the gardens, teach how to plant and care for vegetables. 

Refresh the chicken coop. 

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